Patience Paid Off

A couple approached me to help them take a look at their investments and determine if they were financially ready to retire.  They paid me an hourly fee to complete a thorough financial plan, investigate the company pension as well as the appropriate social security payouts.  We determined they were not quite ready to retire, but there were changes we could make to their current investments to speed up their readiness.  I managed an investment account for them, as well as made recommendations for investments in their 401Ks.  Two years later, they were both able to retire early with the confidence they had saved enough of their earnings.  By being proactive and patient, they were able to reach their retirement goal with a peace of mind.  Roadmap Wealth Management helps individuals plan for retirement and manage their investments.


Personal Attention

This client had a financial advisor for over 20 years. The client transferred the account to Roadmap Wealth Management to manage.  The account was invested in a large number of investments, some risky, some not performing as well as the market.  After “cleaning out” the under-performing and high risk investments, the account has grown.  The client realized that their former financial advisor was not focusing on their goals.  Now that the account is getting the necessary attention, it is thriving and the client couldn’t be more pleased.  Roadmap Wealth Management puts the clients’ interests first!


Reveling in Retirement

Both husband and wife were working in successful careers.  The husband was considering early retirement, but wasn’t sure if he had saved enough to make it happen.  RWM completed a financial plan and a thorough review of all of his investment accounts.  I took over managing the investments and grew the accounts to where the husband was able to retire.  Several years later, we went through the same procedure with the wife and she was able to take early retirement.  Both enjoy travelling, so we worked that expense into their budget.  They are thoroughly enjoying their retirement and travelling the world while they are still young enough to explore.  Their investments continue to grow, even with their monthly withdrawals.  Roadmap Wealth Management is able to manage investments to allow clients to live their dreams.